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Self-Servicing Yourself to Some Italian Chinglish Tickets…

Un po’ d’italiano here in the city of the West Lake, Hangzhou — the Self-servico Ticket Office

Trouble is, for the average expat without a second-generation PRC ID card, these machines in that office laden with Chinglish are — well, just there to be seen. And not used. Somewhat skanky rules in effect as of 1 June 2011 dictate that only PRC ID card holders are allowed the luxury of buying train tickets from anyone other than a live human being (as in: a ticket machine).

And nope, counter to what the icon says, the machine doesn’t really like you sticking in all these coins to get your deluxe HSR ticket.

Too bad that these machines have “died” for us expats.

Too bad still for the Chinglish…

What It Should Read: Self-Service Ticket Office
Taken June 2011 in Hangzhou

Tlatform? Flatform? Railway Station Chinglish Fall Flat on Its Face…

This fair bit of Chinglish is from Yuquan, just southeast of Harbin, in a part of Heilongjiang where I am sure there is no living expat.

And yet they insist on sticking some English at the train station.

OK, that kind of works, but I’d hope it was good or stuff. Ah well — Chinglish as usual…

Funnier still: they seem to have modified the Chinglish. Probably what they had there first was ENTRY OF FLATFORM NO. 2. Seeing their English attempt fell flat on the head, they then proceeded to mod it as the entry to TLATFORM 2.

Still Chinglish.

Ah well. They’re making an effort…

What It Should Read: ENTRY TO PLATFORM 2
Taken July 2011 in Yuquan, Heilongjiang