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Yes-sir-ee… It’s THE Toilet. THE Chinglish Toilet…

There can only be one Presidential Palace in the whole of China — even if it belongs to a former regime on the mainland.

And in that vein, there can only be one toilet in that very same palace.


See what I mean? The extra “the” makes it look a little… well, don’t you think that extra “the” is a the a tad too the “superfluous”? Doesn’t it make itself appear a little too… well, self-important?

“Well, folks, you will now be headed to the toilet. The toilet. Remember, it’s The toilet…”

What It Should Read: Toilet
Taken June 2011 in Nanjing, Jiangsu

Take Care Of Your Chinglish Treasures

Seriously… I wonder what happens if I push that red button. I’m… a little intrigued.

Maybe if I push that it’ll show scarier Chinglish…

Riiight… Either that, or it’s a treasure itself. As in the Chinglish: Take Care Of Your Treasures

If you do Chinese, you’d know that “贵重物品” would basically mean “valuables”, but these guys on the train overdid it by regarding your “valuables” as your “treasures”.

I have only two big treasures in my life: my family and my friends. As for the “treasures” that this fair bit of Chinglish might be thinking of — your iPhone, for example — it’s a “treasure”, but the most you might do if you lose it is to replace it. Not true with friends or family, though!

Best thing to do to this Chinglish is to replace it. Now do I push a button to do that?

What It Should Read: Take Care of Your Valuables
Taken 17 October 2011 on Train Z1 (Beijing – Harbin)

Toilet Chinglish: The LORD is watching over you…

For us gents, we can choose between doing “Number 1” in the Men’s Room or (for absolute emergencies) letting a massive explosion rip in the “Number 2” rooms. More often than not, it’s a simple case of a “Number 1”.

Heaven help, then, the LORD that’s watching over us — do our thing (be that a mere two-seconder or what happens after you go after litres upon litres of ice tea). That’s right. While at some odd toilet urinal, your Chinglish watcher spotted over a urinal (auto sensor) that simply called itself — the —

Yes. Pray that you will be fine… the LORD is here to solve your problems that — probably isn’t quite fit for this blog (yet).

I admit: this company calls TOTO owns much of Beijing’s urinals. Probably the LORD is a little bit upset at this monopoly and wants in on the bit of — stinky money as well…

New Expressway in Hebei Opens, Chinglish Included

For those of us based in Beijing, getting south of the capital — quickly — used to be something that was easier said than done. There were no express railways or expressways, so when National Expressway G45 opened in Hebei, this was big news. Southern China was just a freeway away.

Sadly, along with the new expressway came the worst Chinglish. You would have imagined that these guys knew how to spell the word TOILET.

Think again. TLILET.

Try pronouncing that one.


What It Should Read: TOILET
Taken 2 January 2011 at Niutuo Service Area, G45 Expressway, Hebei

(PS: I was a bit surprised that they got the MEN / WOMEN bit right — but that they got TOILET wrong…!)