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Shanghai’s Chinglish — Civilized?

This sign is just plain weird:

  • First, it gives you this impression that not every park in Shanghai is civilized… (what these guys wanted to say, rather, is that this garden’s clean, neat, nice — and rocks! and stuff like that).
  • Second, the bit of Chinglish below is crazier still. It reads Office of Shanghai Spiritual Civilization Promotional Committee. How scary is that! Spiritual civilization promotional committee! Spiritual Chinglish. BA-A-AD.

    What It Should Read: Shanghai Model Park (the bit below should read Shanghai Civil Ethics Bureau instead
    Taken in Shanghai in November 2011

The “Huanopu”: Shanghai’s Very New Chinglish River

According to this map, that wide river in Shanghai that splits Puxi from Pudong isn’t called the Huangpu, but — the Huanopu.

That’s not even supposed to be a Chinglish bug, by the way. This is wholesale, outright Hanyu Pinyin. It’s not supposed to be like this — they’ve even got the transliteration wrong!

What It Should Read: Huangpu
Taken 28 May 2011 in Shanghai