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Disasters in Grammar Translation


January 15, and Beijing on September prefix bus passengers a “card” fare introduced 4% discount for students on a student card a 2% discount travel, and now, by BUS members of the public and the suburbs of Beijing City members of the public can enjoy the same preferential treatment to the Government. It is learnt that the immediate effect, Beijing company will be added to P Plus 220 bus routes in September prefix operators can be transported more than 45 million passengers.

The first sentence is not just a complete run-on sentence, but starts with a date, goes back to September, meddles with tiny discounts, and jumps back into the present. The grammar’s totally messed up. All we know is that the public is being treated well by the government…

The second sentence is odder still. “add to P Plus 220 bus routes” — sounds like “added to 220 more bus routes”. The last one, “prefix operators can be transported more than 45 million passengers”, looks more like a telco ad.

Amazing stuff…