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Heilongjiang’s Model of Civilized Chinglish Windows…?

To Heilongjiang, an uncivilized window would be one where it’d be dirty, rotten, smashed, and full of obnoxious Chinglish.

Either that, or…

At times, the Chinglish here can just be amazing. If all you are reduced to doing in the “provincial tourist profession” is the creation of “models of civilized windows”… then…

Hey, here’s one thing I hope Heilongjiang and in particular, Harbin, can make a little better: “rail things”. Such as a get a proper HSR in order and connect the city with the Metro.

Makes far more sense than doing your models of civilized windows…

Taken July 2011 in Harbin, Heilongjiang

Gelivable Chinglish in Harbin!

Talk about the most gelivable, or “cool” (in Chinglish), hotel!

I’m now in Harbin with wife Tracy on a Chinglish teaching assignment (no joke: the Chinglish book landed me a month-long teaching assignment in northeastern China’s wilderness). Our school is but a stone’s throw from the — gelivable hotel.

That is some seriously ungelivable (“un-cool”) Chinglish, I must say…

On the second day of lessons, we had about ten enthusiastic Chinglish students already. So yep, there is Chinglish interest up here!

Taken 21 October 2011 in Harbin

Take Care Of Your Chinglish Treasures

Seriously… I wonder what happens if I push that red button. I’m… a little intrigued.

Maybe if I push that it’ll show scarier Chinglish…

Riiight… Either that, or it’s a treasure itself. As in the Chinglish: Take Care Of Your Treasures

If you do Chinese, you’d know that “贵重物品” would basically mean “valuables”, but these guys on the train overdid it by regarding your “valuables” as your “treasures”.

I have only two big treasures in my life: my family and my friends. As for the “treasures” that this fair bit of Chinglish might be thinking of — your iPhone, for example — it’s a “treasure”, but the most you might do if you lose it is to replace it. Not true with friends or family, though!

Best thing to do to this Chinglish is to replace it. Now do I push a button to do that?

What It Should Read: Take Care of Your Valuables
Taken 17 October 2011 on Train Z1 (Beijing – Harbin)