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Chinglish Alert!

This post is the first posted as the renamed site Chinglish Alert. Content from previous sites, including the former Jionglish site, remains available.

I thank my good friend Lonnie (@veterantraveler) for this bit of blog inspiration… a few years back, whilst still roaming around China, both of us had this “thing” for snapping “out-of-place English”… “mutilated English with Chinese characteristics”… as in Chinglish.

You get Chinglish when you write English whilst thinking in Chinese — there could not be a more clearer definition of the lingo phenomenon. In the meantime, I’ve amassed a huge library of these: over 3,000 pics.

I hope this is like the final site for all Chinglish-related posts… there were a fair number of these before. Enjoy the ride!