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Something’s horribly wrong at the Taiwan Association of Logistics Management…

It’s the Chinglish, of course. There are billions of bones to pick there, but this stands out as particularly hilarious:

January 1996 Publish propagation booklet “Introduction to Logistics.

August 1996
Co-host “The 2ND Taipei International Logistics Show” and Conference with Chan-Chao Corporation. The Show is held every year since then.

See for yourself here (it’s deep into the page). Here’s where the whole thing’s out of control:

* “Publish propagation booklet…”: Taiwanese propaganda? All too sinister to me. Better said with “published Introduction to Logistics booklet”. Leave out the propaganda bit. And by the way, add that second quotation mark.

* “Co-host “The 2ND Taipei International Logistics Show” and Conference with Chan-Chao Corporation…” I nearly screwed up and thought they meant the Chow-Chow Corporation (orz). First, it’s “2nd”, not “2ND”. Second, dump the “The”. And lastly, “The Show is held every year since then” doesn’t make sense at all. It should be “the show has been held every year since.” Neat and simple.

Even our buddies at the wrong side of the Straits have it really, really difficult in translating stuff from Chinese to English…

Taiwanese Freeways Threatened by Chinglish

Take a look at this page from the Taiwanese freeway authorities…

“Major Service Area / Connect Road”
“Only have S.B. Entrance & N.B. Exit”
“The Lists of National Highway Interchanges Mileage”…

Both halves of the Straits are now reunited by Chinglish…

They should read:

“Major Service Area / Connections to”
“Southbound entrance and northbound exits only”
“National Highway Interchange Mileage List”…