New Expressway in Hebei Opens, Chinglish Included

For those of us based in Beijing, getting south of the capital — quickly — used to be something that was easier said than done. There were no express railways or expressways, so when National Expressway G45 opened in Hebei, this was big news. Southern China was just a freeway away.

Sadly, along with the new expressway came the worst Chinglish. You would have imagined that these guys knew how to spell the word TOILET.

Think again. TLILET.

Try pronouncing that one.


What It Should Read: TOILET
Taken 2 January 2011 at Niutuo Service Area, G45 Expressway, Hebei

(PS: I was a bit surprised that they got the MEN / WOMEN bit right — but that they got TOILET wrong…!)

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