100 Chinglish Pics and Counting…

Whew. It wasn’t all that easy collecting a hundred Chinglish-laden pics (given that I’ve my 1998 – 2005 photo collection on my Mac mini — my files are all over the place), but here they are: 100 Chinglish pics, and counting…

Some of the funniest pics:

* To put off Xuanda Expressway. To put in Jingzhang Expressway. (Xuanda Freeway, Hebei)
* You have got into TONGZHOU. You have got into SHUNYI. (Shunyi-Baimiao Highway, Shunyi/Tongzhou, Beijing)
* Walk the Street. (Ying County, Shanxi)
* Please Take Saft Belt. (Beijing)
* Pestrooms-Men. (Baodi Wenquancheng Service Area, Jinji Freeway, Tianjin)

…and a lot more, both here and coming…

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